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          About Huaheng

          Win-win cooperation, honesty and trustworthiness, customer respect, quality first

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          China Huaheng Co., Ltd.

          Create greater value for our global customers and partners

                 China Huaheng Co., Ltd. was established in 2004,  headquartered in Hong Kong-International Finance and  Trade Center; Beijing, Qingdao, Zhoushan, Guangzhou,  Dongguan, Shenzhen have branches, the company’s  main products were imported fishmeal for domestic  supply at the beginning of its establishment. Each  terminal customer has a sales turnover of 2 billion U.S.  dollars, and gradually expands its main business into  bulk commodity import and export trade, financial  holding investment, construction engineering and real  estate development. After years of hard work, the  company has a sound management mechanism, a  unique corporate culture, a sound risk control system,  and a strict financial system. And has established a  wide range of international and domestic sources of  goods, customers, product procurement and supply  channels, and established strategic cooperative  relationships with many Fortune 500 companies. The  company has always been "rigorous, sincere, win - win,  and cooperation" as its purpose. , Always insist on  being honest first and service first. Our company is committed to creating optimal benefits and  maximizing commercial value for international customers,  domestic customers, and partners, to provide our group company  employees with a broader development space, to create the most  optimized team, and to train the best employees. Opportunities,  bring effective and long -term benefits to the group company! The company now has four subsidiaries, with operations in five  continents around the world. The company is continuing to move  forward with a diversified, international, and group model!

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            Work hard for 17 years

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            4 affiliated companies

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          • Jiuzhou Xiang

            Jiuzhou Xiang (Shenzhen) Trading Group Co., Ltd.

          • Ruiboer

            Hong Kong Ruiboer Industrial Co., Ltd.

          • Mei Anju

            Shenzhen Mei Anju Trading Co., Ltd.

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